How I started my teaching career

how i started my career as an english teacher

Hi there!

I've just realised that I actually own this blog! Life's been busy lately! Most of the time, I focus on my beauty and lifestyle blog and my family and parenting blog

So I guess I need to spare some time to update this blog. Hehehe.

I remember I created this blog because I wanted to share about my teaching journey. I first started my teaching career back then in 2009 when I was still at uni.

It all started when I bumped into my English course teacher, Ms. Ika. We were pretty close, and I could say that she's my role model (until now!). When I stopped taking the course (because the course's schedule didn't fit with my college's schedule), we lost contact. FYI, this happened in 2003.

In 2009, Facebook connected us. We had a chat and caught up with what had been happening in our lives. At that time, I was in my last year of college and was teaching Biology for IGCSE and A/AS Level in SMAN 21 Jakarta. She was surprised! She said, "I don't believe that we are actually working close by!' Apparently, she was an ILP Rawamangun principal, and our schools were very close.

After long chats, out of the blue, she offered me a job as a part-time teacher in her school. I was stupefied. I didn't think I had the skills or knowledge to be a teacher. I was already a teacher, but I taught Biology, which was my major at uni. Teaching English? I was not sure I could do that.

She basically cajoled me into taking her offer. She said that she knew I was capable. After discussing this with my parents, I decided to accept her offer.

It had never crossed my mind that being an English teacher would be my career. But here I am, in 2021, still teaching English and enjoying every single minute of it.

how I started my career as an ESL teacher
Clockwise: Speaker for IELTS webinar, I and my students in Children class and Corporate class, I conducted teacher's workshop.   

So I guess I have to thank my beloved Ms. Ika for having faith in me.

How about you folks? How did you start your career? Share your story in the comment!

Until I see you in my next post!




  1. Such a nice journey as a teacher, Ms. Tya. ^^
    It's okay though your major background at uni is different to your occupation. The most important thing is, you have greater spirit at teaching.

  2. I started my career in 2010 as an administrative staff in a construction consultant. But actually that's not the job I wanted, until in 2017 I got a job that matched my passion in social media. Im so happy with my career now.

  3. Ternyata mengajar adalah panggilan hati yaa, kak Tya.
    Aku seneng liat kak Tya kalau sudah ngobrolin Bahasa Inggris. Memang passion banget dan dengan karakter kak Tya yang humble, aku jadi merasa seperti gak diajarin, tapi sedang tjurhat.

    Sukses terus, kak Tya.
    Barakallahu fiik~

  4. Mengajar itu seru banget yaa, aku pun pernah mengajar juga tapi mengajar di TK hihi

  5. Yeee asik bakalan dapet ilmu dari miss Tya nih, english buruk pula siap belajar.

  6. keren banget bu guruuu.. aku dulu juga sempat kepengin jadi pengajar tapi akhirnya urung wkwk karena kayak ngerasa kurang cocok aja. btw ngajar IELTS juga ya, udah pernah nulis tips biar dapat skor tinggi mba?

    1. Thanks mbak... Not yet, but I'm planning to write about it very soon. Probably it will be a series of IELTS tips and tricks covering all skills. Let's just pray I have time to do that.

  7. I love reading your career story, Ms Ika...because my career stopped when I decided to get married. my husband doesn't want to have a working wife. so yeah... i gave up my career

  8. Hi Mba Tya. The first time I saw your blog, I thought, "ok, this blog will be one of my references for my English blog" hehehe. I never guest if you are English Teacher. So, I can contact you if I need a teacher for my IELTS course ya hehehe.

  9. i never thought that u're a teacher!
    Please share more about English learning, can't wait for your next article ! ^^

  10. membaca tulisannya jadi pengin kursus bahasa inggris lagi. meski udah emak2 gini kudu upgrade ya.biar bisa diajarkan juga ke anaknya dan tuk modal nulis juga biar makin keren

  11. Kalau aku memang dari dulu sudah cita-cita jadi guru, akhirnya kuliah ambil pendidikan dan alhamdulillah sekarang sudah jadi guru.

  12. Seru bgt dalam mengajar yah ka, Eny dlu sempat mau jadi guru tapi takdir berkata lain malah kearsitek hhe