Teaching Children

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Hello to all teachers! 

Welcome to my blog! In this post, I'll share my experience in teaching children. Here you go!

Teaching children means that you have to control your emotion. They love to make noise, jump, scream, shout, sing, dance, even if you don't ask them to do that. Teaching children means that you have to be VERY PATIENT! Show your lovely face to them. Don't you ever show your hesitation face or your sour face! Once you do this, they'll reject you as their friend. 

teaching children with toys
Mr. Benny Bear is loved by my students.

I believe some of you still remember Mr. Benny Bear. I used Mr. Benny Bear when I did the Peer Teaching: Teaching Children, and now I'm using Mr. Benny Bear as my class ritual for my Green 3 students. They love Mr. Benny Bear so much! They love interacting with Mr. Benny Bear, especially when they have to help me wake Mr. Benny Bear up. 

So, how about you, teachers? Have you got some tips on teaching? Just share with me so we can be better teachers in the future! See ya! 


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